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Chinese Companies and Products Database(ECECDB)

    Wanfang Data Co.LTD

 Being the very first and the most accurate and current database of this kind, the database of Chinese Companies & Products(English Version) (ECECDB) is very valuable to provide easy access to the Chinese business community and Chinese business information. It is an essential gateway to Chinese business.

The database contains CURRENT information on Chinese companies and products, which is highly valued by investors and traders interested in China. Information on company profiles, products, capitals, revenues, profits, contact details, web sites, etc, is being updated on a regular basis. ECECDB has been widely used in over 50 countries all over the world. Wanfang Data prides itself on the most accurate company information.

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【 Company Name 】WANFANG DATA CO.,LTD. 
【 Director 】Jiang Yongqing 
【 Address 】No.15, Fuxing Lu, Haidian Qu, Beijing, P.R.China (Post code: 100038) 
【 Telephone 】(010)58882275,58882280,58882677 
【 Fax 】(010)58882289 
【 Homepage 】http://www.wanfangdata.com.cn 
【 E - mail 】cecdb@wanfangdata.com.cn 
【 Year Found 】199301 
【Organization Type 】Joint-Stock 
【Ownership or Grade】Production Enterprise;Trade Enterprise 
【 Empolyees 】400 
【 Production Area】3000 
【 Reg. Capital 】5800 (Ten thousand RMB) 
【 IM/EX License 】 Yes 
【 Product Name 】Chinese science and technology papers and citation databases(CSTPC); Chinese dissertation database(CDDB); Communication technology information system; Electric power industry knowledge service system; Metallurgical industry knowledge service system; China online journals(COJ); Chinese enterprises and companies database(CECDB), English version; Polices and laws of China(PLOC); Electric power technical competitive intelligence system; Chinese science and technical information mechanism database (CSTII); Petrochemical industry competitive intelligence system; China scientific video database; Chinese science & technology achievements database(CSTAD); Chinese scientific institutions database(CSI); Public health information system(PHIS); Chinese academic conference papers database(CACP); Medical information system; Dissertations of China, fulltext(DOC ft); Chinese enterprises and companies database(CECDB), Chinese version; Academic conferences in China(ACIC); Household appliances integrated information system; Chinese science & technology documents database(CSTDB), Chinese version 
【 Business 】Producing databases on floppy disks (whole set, partial) or on CD-ROM; Providing consultancy services on market research, trade opportunities, investment cooperation, technology transfer; Developing new databases according to customers; Offering technical services of software and hardware on databases; Processing data for customers. 
【 Key Words 】Database 
【 SIC Code 】7374;7379 
電話:(852)25295698 傳真:(852)28613494 Email:wanfang@i-cable.com